Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Louis Vuitton Boutiques Now Open in Macy's Herald Square

Although there are still several designer boutiques under wraps on the first floor of Macy's Herald Square, the renovation of the first floor is already looking fantastic.

It helps that the Louis Vuitton accessories boutique re-opened this week on the first floor, yes?! Soon Gucci, Longchamp, and Burberry will be joining Louis Vuitton for a tour de force of designer accessories that will be tempting shoppers from all angles at the marquee entrance on Broadway.

Soon, Macy's will have designer accessories for you at every turn.

The Louis Vuitton shoe boutique is now also open in the Shoe Salon on the second floor. Naturally, it's beautiful and a sea of calm in its own corner not far from the Herald Square Cafe. That's where you'll find us weary shoppers sipping champagne and contemplating our next purchase, perhaps in the future Burberry shoe boutique.

Did I not say "sea of calm?" Oh, the beauty.

Future home of Burberry shoes. Be still my beating heart.

There's a lot to contemplate in the Shoe Salon now and a lot to look forward to in the future. Cheers, Herald Square shoppers!
You think I'd be sick of kicks and studs by now, but no, not when Betsey Johnson does them like this.

I'd like a terrarium of Cynthia Rowley shoes for Christmas, please.

Macy's Herald Square
34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue