Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Joe Fresh and JCPenney

JCPenney's CEO Ron Johnson is out, former CEO Mike Ullman is back in, and speculation is rife on the future of the century-old department store. Ashley Lutz of Business Insider has been closely covering the end of Johnson's tenure, and is hot on the heels of what could happen next for the retailer.

There have been a lot of missteps in the past few years, but here's hoping the baby is not thrown out with the bathwater: namely the in-store boutiques. Don't forget, JCPenney had started down this road before Ron Johnson with MNG by Mango and Sephora. Adding Joe Fresh in the Johnson era seemed particularly inspired, as the very affordable brand with its cheery, bright merchandise is a great fit.

Joe Fresh boutique at JCPenney Manhattan Mall

Joe Fresh is stylish but not dauntingly chic, and its pricing is impressively low for the quality. Also, the Canadian retailer is a master of attractive and colorful merchandising, as it's almost impossible to walk past a Joe Fresh and not want to try something on. Hopefully, JCPenney shoppers feel similarly and voice their opinion with their wallets, so JCP is encouraged to continue exploring in-store boutiques and brand collaborations.

Tomorrow I'll post cute Joe Fresh merchandise, but for today would like to send out good wishes to our friends at JCPenney Manhattan Mall, and hopes for a big turnaround in the store's near future. I've greatly enjoyed the addition of JCPenney to our shopping district, and think it merits mentioning that in the almost four years of shopping the store, I've encountered exactly ZERO rude sales clerks. As a fellow Midwesterner, I'd like to say a big "thank you" for that.