Thursday, June 13, 2013

Forever 21 34th St: Black & White & New All Over

Well, it's new all over on the second floor. If you haven't shopped Forever 21 on 34th Street in a while, you're in for a big surprise: this store is now so much easier to shop. First, there's all the really pretty displays featuring the latest trends, like black and white.

Then there's the section where GapKids and babyGap used to be, on the second floor of Herald Towers overlooking Broadway (Gap and Forever 21 are in the same building). Now it's all Forever 21 with light coming through the windows. Lovely!

Remember what the old accessories department looked like in Forever 21 on 34th Street? This is a HUGE upgrade. Also, there's a beauty section.

Again, remember what the old checkout lines looked like? Now you can browse merchandise while waiting to check out, just like at Sephora ;)

A huge improvement on 34th Street. Of course, I was there at 9am this morning which accounts for the lack of line at the dressing rooms and checkout. I highly recommend an early morning trip; Forever 21 is open at 8am on 34th Street, so you can stop by on your way to work.

Forever 21
Herald Towers, 50 West 34th Street just east of Sixth Avenue