Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hobson: Just Brilliant

Are your shopping bags getting in the way of your shopping? I can't tell you how many times I've been schlepping bags through 34th Street, arms weighed down, and thought "I'd love to go to Macy's/Victoria's Secret/H&M, but I can't carry another bag for one more block." Say Hi to a brilliant new delivery service, Hobson.

Same-day delivery of your purchases to hotels and residences in Manhattan? You just heard a big sigh of relief across the city. If you didn't watch the video above, here's a brief breakdown: You shop in a participating store, you LEAVE YOUR PURCHASES in a special Hobson bag that laughs in the face of rain and other elements, except maybe Kryptonite, and la la la, you continue shopping with your arms bag-free. I couldn't resist the Superman reference because really, being able to leave your shopping bags behind is like having Superman swoop in and fly you from store to store, right?! Total luxury for only $9.50 per entire purchase at one store (up to $2,500, see Hobson for more details).

This service is fairly new, but already has an impressive roster of participating retailers. On 34th Street you can use Hobson at both Desiguals, Mango, and New York Golf Center. Now go shop to your heart's content and forget about Poshitis.

Available on 34th Street at Desigual Herald Square, Desigual 34th Street, Mango, and New York Golf Center