Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Social Apparel: Now on the West End, Too

If you need a sequin SWAG T-shirt or a bleeding Chanel logo T, I've got your store.

Meet Social Apparel. The store was once known as Cliquers on 34th Street, then moved into Manhattan Mall and became Social Apparel, and now has opened another outlet on the west end of 34th Street. I haven't stopped by the Manhattan Mall store in a while, but based on what I've seen there in the past, this new Social Apparel is the best iteration. Although yes, there are these...

... there are also the occasional Strawberry-esque gems.

Trashy, sure, but in a music festival way.
A perfectly cute dress and blouse.
There's also a wide variety of special occasion dressing, as you can find on their website. I recommend dropping by this 34th Street Social Apparel to look for an inexpensive blouse, a good little summer dress, or your ironic trashy T-shirt.

Social Apparel
255 West 34th Street just east of Eighth Avenue