Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gap Basics: So Fabulous

I cannot encourage you enough to check out Gap's new basics. The T-shirts and the oxford shirts are so so SO fabulous, I don't think I will buy a basic T-shirt from any other retailer, ever, as long as Gap keeps making these. Yes, I'm that impressed. The below had "Designed and Crafted" in the label, and the emphasis is apt.

Soft, hangs just so, loose in the right places, perfectly fitted in the right places, exactly the proper length, and is a v-neck: the above T-shirt has it all ($24.95). 

See all of the above except "v-neck." The is The Shrunken Boyfriend, and it is exactly as if you are wearing your boyfriend's shirt and he's skinny and has a great tailor. Lovely, lovely fit ($49.95).

The jeans in both looks are 1969 Sexy Boyfriends. I just got Levi's Skinny Boyfriends, or these would have been a new boyfriend in my collection. 

Gap Herald Square
60 West 34th Street at Broadway