Friday, March 7, 2014

34th Street Weekend Picks: Flip Flops, Spring Sales, and More!

T's and tanks and flip flops and sandals? All buy one get one for 50% off at AEO. Summer is coming, we promise. 40 West 34th Street east of Broadway

You'll still find boots and lots of other items on sale at Zara on 34th Street in the back of the store. There's also a rack full of tops for under $10. And guys: so many cute shoes and boots under those pants down there. 39 West 34th Street east of Sixth Avenue

Up to 50% off for their spring sale. I've got my eye on several fabulous pairs of Geox boots. 29 West 34th Street east of Sixth Avenue

So tempting: when you buy a pair of jeans, get 30% off tops and jackets. 45 West 34th Street

$20 off all boots. Score. 27 West 34th Street east of Sixth Avenue

Save an extra 40% off already reduced items. Double score. 17 West 34th Street west of Fifth Avenue