Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Candy Bar, Crystallize, and Shop: Swarovski's GNO

Swarovski on 34th Street is having a party to launch their spring collection, and you're invited:

Crystallizing of accessories? I'm so there. To celebrate the arrival of the spring collection, featuring the latest trend “Tribal Glam," the 34th Street Swarovski will be hosting lots of fun...
  • Crystallize your favorite beauty accessories from the Glam Bar (including pink lip gloss, nail files, make up brushes, and Aura perfume samples) 
  • Enjoy a candy bar and sparkling beverages
  • Complete a fun, in-store “scavenger hunt” 
  • Enter to win a fab Girls Night Out kit 
  • Get a deal: Get Caught members will receive 20% off their purchase (you can sign up at the event to receive the 20% off) 
Be sure to note the time change: to accommodate all you commuting, Swarovski-shopping girls, hours have been extended from 5pm-9pm. See you at Swarovski tomorrow night!

One Penn Plaza, 34th Street and Seventh Avenue