Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Now on Sale: New York City Street Signs

Today's post subject is particularly close to my heart as I see them almost every day: New York City street signs recently retired from the 34th Street District.

Shop these custom-designed street signs on our sister company's shop. Need I say this is possibly the most perfect Father's Day gift you'll find this year?! And if you buy before Father's Day, you'll get a free Bryant Park book and t-shirt.* For a full range of streets (Broadway to 34th Street to, yes, Fashion Avenue!), click the above link, or if you're looking for a way-finding sign pointing the way to Madison Square Garden or the Empire State Building, click here.

Have a favorite subway line? We've also got subway way-finding signs directing riders to their station:

It doesn't get more New York City than this. These signs were previously in use in the 34th Street District, and all pieces bear distinct wear patterns resulting from everyday use and weather conditions. Prices are $200 for the street signs and $250 for the way-finding signs. If you'd like a particular street block (eg: 463-479 Seventh Avenue, see above), email bpshop@urbanmgt.com for availability. 

All proceeds from sales go back to the non-profit company, the 34th Street Partnership (owner of this blog and my employer), to support its design, sanitation, security, and horticulture departments that beautify and maintain the area's streets and parks.

see store homepage for details, L or XL Musical Chairs t-shirt only

Vintage 34th Street street, subway, and wayfinding signs