Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hour Passion: Shop the Range

Last week, while perusing the Hour Passion Baselworld watch preview, I was struck yet again by the range of prices in Swatch's multi-brand boutique. From the outside, a shopper might think Hour Passion is too luxury for their timepiece needs, so today I want to show just how far your dollar can go in this mecca of Swiss watches.

First up, the Swatch watch, spotted in fun candy themes for summer for $60, and chic nautical stripes for $120.

Next, Balmain, starting below at $400.

Certina, starting at $540...

...and on up from there in several brands, including the prestige brand Longines, and the Hamilton watch featured in our Baselworld post last week, below, that will be available later this year for $3,295.

Impressive, right? Hour Passion also has repair on site and a lounge and showroom on the second floor.

Hour Passion
112 West 34th Street at Broadway