Tuesday, June 17, 2014

H&M Herald Square: Shorts, Minimalism, and Fruit

If I haven't been to H&M Herald Square in a while, I suss out the ground floor to find where they've moved their trend section, or the place where I find: 

Perfect minimal looks;

Great orange maxis and orange slice tops (or grapefruit slice tops, whatever you're craving);

And excellent shorts.

This is the section I often have to walk by with eyes shut, or I'll end up dropping $100 on a couple things too perfect to resist. This is also the section I always go to when I need an event outfit. Currently it's immediately on your right as you enter the Herald Square store, but its location changes often, so it might be further back in the store on the left (clever tactic...). You'll know you're there when you suddenly find yourself with an armload of clothes, praying there's no dressing room line. Just try to shop before noon and after 2pm!

H&M Herald Square
47 West 34th Street just east of Broadway