Friday, February 20, 2015

Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2015: Parkchoonmoo, Ready to Fish, and Oudifu

This presentation really illustrated the principle of less-is-more. A curated palette of blacks, grays, and ivorys set a stage upon which to showcase Park’s main talents; shape and texture. Each outfit at first seemed minimalist and simple, but this was beguiling; as you took them in you began to see beautiful details of folds, flanges, and layers.

Equally fascinating was the texture-trade-off; was it Persian Lamb or blistered nylon? Raw fur or intricately woven fiber from the test tube? This wonderful tension between natural and tech (all the while whispering ‘luxe’), was what set these clothes apart. 

Bonus features were the static-like gradient motifs and unapologetically functional ‘gravity-boot’ footwear that finished the look very well. 

Future met Fenimine here; definitely wear-of-choice for the [William] Gibson Girl.

                                                                     Photos from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Ready to Fish
If you’re looking for the perfect outfit in which to lean casually against the wall of a penthouse, look no further than Ready to Fish. The collection is absolutely perfect for the woman who would rather forego fussy clothing and stick with impeccable basics. In this collection, the draping serves as embellishment and color as an accessory. The only actual accessory was solid-colored headscarves that recalled a posthumous Jacob Marley from A Christmas Carol (not to say that I wasn’t jealous of their warmth on that blustery February day). The minimal lines and perfect tailoring spoke to the designer’s training at Donna Karan. 

The elephant loomed large at Oudifu at the designer's first foray into the American market for fall 2015, and combined with designer Zhuliang Li's "all-in-one" styles for all body types, created an eminently wearable and classic collection. Keep an eye on this Chinese luxury ready-to-wear brand, and if you can, add one of his print dresses or flowing tops to your closet this fall.