Tuesday, May 31, 2011

John Frieda Foam Love

I've been going gray for a long time now (hello, late 20's) but even in my teens I was coloring my hair. I usually go professional for my dye, but these days it's often easier for me to do it at home. Especially when one's schedule leaves a girl with very little down time for hair chairs and her stylist lives two subway trains away. One transfer on a weekend is one transfer too many.

3N is my color. Find yours with the John Fried Shade Selector.

I picked up the John Frieda foam at the Herald Square Duane Reade for the first time about 15 weeks ago and have used it twice since. It's not messy (no dye on your bathroom sink and a lot less on your towel), the foam is incredibly easy to apply, and the color and grey coverage last much longer than any other hair dye I've ever used. Also, my stylist didn't make funny noises when she inspected my roots during my latest visit. All of this means I've got a new hair color lover, and he's being very good to me. Yes, I'll be back in my stylist's chair soon for a professional touch up, but for in-between I'm all John Frieda's.

Duane Reade 1350 Broadway on the northern tip of Herald Square