Tuesday, December 13, 2011

See It: Newlyweds

Last night my husband and I attended a private screening of Edward Burns new film Newlyweds, and in Edward Burns fashion it was a total character driven, dead-on depiction of marriage, family, and all that relationship interaction stuff. I gave my husband the knowing eye about 50 times during the film. This movie is greatly entertaining, laugh out loud funny, and gets two thumbs up from me. I give myself four thumbs up for not asking Edward Burns about Christy Turlington during the Q&A.

After the film Mr. Burns himself showed up to talk about the film and the making of with his co-star, Caitlin FitzGerald. Now it's easy to think that writers always write about their own lives, but in truth I think that quickly gets old and they then write about everyone else's lives. Edward Burns confirmed this when I asked him if, like his hero Woody Allen, he was constantly writing down ideas for films even when not working on one. He basically answered yes, then told a story about taking the train to DC and pulling out his laptop to document the conversation of the couple sitting next to him.

Still, Ed Burns is married to Christy Turlington, the world's most amazing supermodel (yes, I came of fashion age in the early '90s). So instead of the Woody Allen question, I really wanted to ask: Does Christy's skin need exfoliating in the morning? Do you have any room in the closet or is Christy taking up all the space? Does she use your razor when her disposable is crapped out? Does the most awesome supermodel living kick you in the shins when you're talking too much at the dinner table?

Oh, the burning, burning desire to know if Christy is just like me us. But I stuck to the topic, because Edward Burns is one of the country's best screenwriters and actors, and I was soon so engrossed in his work and discussion thereof that I hardly indulged in fantasies of me and Christy hanging out, drinking lots of wine, and enjoying a bitchfest about our husbands and sisters. Check out the movie and you'll totally get the reference. Newlyweds is available nationwide On Demand and via Digital Download beginning December 26, 2011, with a select theatrical showing starting in January 2012.


Sarah said...

Such a great film and a fun night! Lovely seeing you :)