Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Louis Vuitton in Macy's Herald Square

Have you been sucked into Pinterest yet? I've really just begun pinning, although I've been admiring the platform for a few months. So easy, and I love the Chrome Pin It button. Follow me here on Pinterest.

Louis Vuitton boutique at Macy's Herald Square, courtesy of me and Instagram.

I was an early adopter of Instagram, but have let it lie fallow for ages. I love how it makes my crap photos look pretty (well, prettier), and it's simple and fun to use. 

If you're out there scheming a new photo sharing tool/social media site, you better make it really good-looking, really easy to use, really fun, and really sustainable without a great need for original content. Because what single individual has time to put out daily content for a blog, twitter, tumblr, facebook, plus the new social media kid on the block? We have to pick and choose, particularly if we don't have staff to back us up.

Above is the Louis Vuitton boutique in Macy's Herald Square. I shot it just before Christmas thinking I'd do "Great Gifts on 34th Street" series. Ok, next year. But did you know there's a Louis Vuitton accessories boutique in Macy's Herald Square? It's on the first floor. Swing by, window shop, and make bag notes for your honey for the next holiday. Or instagram it, or pin it, or tweet it, and maybe your significant other is actually following you and paying attention. Yeah, you better cross-post that Louis Vuitton bag on all your platforms, just to get your point across!

Louis Vuitton accessories boutique in Macy's Herald Square
151 W. 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue