Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Daffy's Herald Square for Accessories

I'm really annoyed with my Hayden Harnett bag for falling apart after three years, but I guess I should have known when the hardware on an outside pocket fell off the first week I wore it.

So I've been looking a little closer at bags these days, wondering what the heck I'm going to carry for New York Fashion Week. Daffy's had a few impressive choices that I'm considering, as my Birkin bag most likely won't be making it from Paris in time (joking, joking, and *wish*).

This might be the best casual "sporty" bag I've seen yet. Gym clothes, overnighter, love this.

Polka dot clutch. What's more adorable?

A few more typical, everyday choices. Not bad, right?!

I had to throw in the suede and leather jackets. They are such a typical awesome Daffy's find.

Daffy's Herald Square 34th Street and Broadway