Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Toledos, The Lela Roses, The Payless Designers...

It's been a while since I checked out the designers at Payless, so I dropped by before the holidays. And now is the time to get those Toledo shooties on sale for $19, and the Lela Rose laser-cut boot for $22.

Quincy Lazer-Cut boot
Barton Colorblock bootie

Jaws Ghillie and Lazer Wedge shooties below.  Of course the Toledos are my personal favorite

Lela Rose consistently provides pretty and wearable shoes through the many years she's collaborated with Payless; it's quite impressive. Isabel Toledo has the most interesting styles, but the Sirianos haven't done much for me lately. Although his Gold Collection can be found at Payless on 34th Street, and they do make a girl reminisce upon the talon shoes that had us all tearing up the Payless aisles back in 2010.

Payless 110 W. 34th Street at Broadway