Friday, May 25, 2012

34th Street Memorial Day Weekend Sale Picks

#1. Gap
Because there’s an online & in stores weekend sale up to 40% off! Big bonus for the early bird? The first 50 customers at Gap Herald Square and other stores in the city get a FREE T-shirt . 60 West 34th Street

#2. H&M
Because they've got great summer deals starting at $4.95!  435 Seventh Avenue

#3. Forever 21
Because they've got a 2 tanks for $8 deal, and they're having a 4-day, 80% off sale online!  50 West 34th Street

#4. Daffy'sBecause they've got inexpensive accessories, swimsuits, dresses and more! If you're looking to get your summer shopping done without visiting multiple stores, this is the place to do it.  Herald Center, 34th Street and Broadway

Enjoy the long holiday weekend!