Thursday, May 17, 2012

Victoria's Secret Manhattan Mall: Now Open. And Closed.

Don't be confused. As of today, a gorgeous new Victoria's Secret is open in the old Charlotte Russe space on the first floor of Manhattan Mall. It's a great space, which you can't really tell from my crap iPhone shot:

It's really a pretty store, stop by for a visit!

The Victoria's Secret on the second floor in Manhattan Mall is now closed. The flagship store on Herald Square is still open, but don't forget, they'll be closing soon for renovations. Luckily, Victoria's Secret has provided us with a nice sign at the old Manhattan Mall space, telling us what's up:

Which is a lot more helpful than, say, no sign:

Ack, Zara! Shoppers are freaking out! Now everyone thinks the store is gone! Or never existed. But seriously, what do they care? We love Zara so much that as soon as that wooden thing is gone and the store's renovations are complete, we'll be packing into the 34th Street store, cash and credit card in hand. Yes, the store will reopen. I got the scoop from a friendly security guy in the building next door. That is the most reliable information I can currently get on Zara, who should be tipping him big bills for Christmas 2012.

And now that I think of it, there's tons of construction going on at 35th Street behind Zara. Wild speculation: they are expanding! Oh, I love starting a good retail rumor.

Victoria's Secret
Manhattan Mall level one, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue
Currently closed for renovations at 39 West 34th Street