Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fashion Star Episode #9: The H&M Buy

Don't get me wrong, the Kara Laricks trench coat at Macy's is a totally buy-able piece. I'd get both the red and tan if American Express and my husband, who abducted my American Express card, would let me. Sadly, neither are in the mood to comply these days.

Ronnie's white pantsuit didn't do it for me so much, namely due to the fit of the pants (too short for my long inseam). But honestly, the jacket didn't blow me away, either. I thought the length of the jacket looked awkward on TV, and felt the same way in-store.

His dress at H&M is a different story. This is a fantastic day piece, every girl should run to the nearest H&M and buy if you can. It's work-appropriate and sexy in that stark, menswear way.

Also fantastic at H&M: Orly's jackets and her pants, which, even with the side pockets, are super slimming. Go ASAP if you want the yellow jacket as there were only a few left in 6, 8, and 10 this morning.

Kara's dress: OK, honestly, Kara, I wouldn't call it sexy, either, but I love it!

Next week, for the finale? I was surprised Luciana didn't make the cut, and I think Orly is just hitting her stride, and John Varvatos put a plug in for Ronnie. But today I was kind of snoozing over Ronnie's pleats and folds. They are starting to feel one-trick-pony like Nikki's maxis. I find Kara to be a much more interesting designer, so I'm standing by my pick! Go, Kara!

H&M Herald Square & Penn Station
34th Street at Sixth Avenue, and 34th Street at Seventh Avenue

Macy's Herald Square
34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue


Anonymous said...

Love your Fashion Star posts! I always tune in to see how the outfits look in real life. Although, you make the clothes look a hundred times better than I think they would look on most people (including me!).

Tricia said...

Mom? Ha, just kidding! THANK YOU so much for coming back to have a look, and commenting. It's so much fun to go into the stores the next day and try them on, but it's even better knowing someone else cares!

Alice said...

I really enjoyed your post. Thanx for doing this!! I always watch the show and then look forward to your "investigation" on the pieces before I even consider buying any. However, I bought three pieces and decided to return them all, due to fit and colors that don't work for me. But I didn't give up yet, I just ordered Kara's red trench. It looks good on you, so my hope is high for this one! And I agree, Kara is the most promising one, she has her own vision. All the other designers seem to follow the current trend, that's not what we are looking for, right?

Tricia said...

Nope! What I really like about Kara is that her pieces look very modern, but not trend-stalking.

I can't say for the Saks pieces, but I've had fit issues with the H&M pieces. but honestly I'm exactly between their 10 and 12, so I think it's me.
Macy's 8s usually fit me right on. I would have bought Kara's dress but the colors are bad for me - wish it was in black! :)

WendyB said...

I don't watch the show really but I saw one episode and it happens to be the one with Orly's jacket and pants. They really jumped out at me and they look great on you.