Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Legs, Legs, Legs

Although I'd been at the beach all weekend, I threw on some of my old Clarins self-tanner this morning. I was baring my legs for the first time this spring/summer, and I HATE baring my legs.

Above is my self-tanner, which still works great. This is amazing considering it's older than my  toddler and is now discontinued. So get this at Sephora instead...

The combination of a little sun and self-tanner made my legs the most perfect, bare-able color yet. I can't stay in the sun long as my skin hates it and I get heat rash every time. I'm actually dying to scratch the hell out of my back right now. So when I go to the beach, which I love, I sit in the sun for about ten minutes, and then it's under the umbrella for me. If you're like me, I highly recommend using a little self-tanner after avoiding the sun at the beach for most of the day. It's a perfect combo.

Also, I'm picking these up at Duane Reade next time I'm in their beauty section, so in like an hour. I found them on Cat Marnell's post on xojane.com, who not only gives the best product advice, but is also a protege of a world-class expert on self tanning. (I'm pretty sure I've said this before on this blog, but get Jean Godfrey June's book Free Gift with Purchase, it's not only very entertaining but is full of useful beauty tips.)

130 West 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue
Duane Reade
1350 Broadway at 35th Street, north side of Herald Square