Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fashion Star Episode 7: Sarah is Not Our Fashion Star

Only three episodes left! What are we going to complain about when Fashion Star is gone? I'm starting to get depressed. Sarah was eliminated last night, which normally would make me really depressed, but the whining had to end.

Who's my pick to win? Well, my track record is crap because I was a fan of Sarah's early on, but I'm thinking Kara or Luciana. Ross should have been gone this week, Nzi-me-me has been designing blahs, and Nikki seems unable to produce anything beyond a maxi. She was second in line for most annoying. Really, a mini-skirt is such a wild departure for a designer?

Luciana is more commercial, so Vegas odds would most likely be on her. And her H&M dress this week (above) is a stunner. Lined, well-constructed, nice fabric, this one is a steal at $39.95. Please ignore the fact that I can't zip up the side on the size 10. I'm in total H&M size 12 denial. I AM NOT A 12, I AM AN 8! Or sometimes a 10.

Now on to Macy's, where I'm always an 8. Relief. Ronnie could be the wild card as week after week he's quietly upping his game. Last week's swimsuit was a bold move that resulted in a very cute item. This week's gown really shows off his skill: the detail in the back and the slit in the front are just the right amount of architecture and wow.

I'm expecting the drama to be amped up next week. But I expect that every week and am always left wanting more. Perhaps that's their trick. Next week I'm in Des Moines, Iowa, on vacation (Spa Grandma), so I'm going to track down a Macy's there and see if they carry Fashion Star. If not, see you Week 9!

Macy's Herald Square 34th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue
H&M Penn Station 34th Street and Seventh Avenue


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