Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fashion Star Episode 5: Sold Out in Stores

I made the mistake of waiting a day to try on Nikki and Sarah's H&M Fashion Star buys, and that was a day too late. Sold out at H&M Herald Square! There might have been something left at H&M Penn Station, but my feet were too hurting to walk that big block between Broadway and Seventh Avenue. It's been a long week.

There are Fashion Star pieces left at Macy's Herald Square, though, so I tried on Ronnie's lovely sheath dress (above, black and print almost sold out online) and Ross' vest (pink pin-striped now sold out online). America and I obviously have very different tastes. The navy vest was OK, but totally didn't like the pink pin-stripe. It was way too "ice-cream shoppe" and makes me want to send Ross about five years of Vogue back copies, and not from the 1950's. He's often on the right track with an idea but it rarely translates as modern. The sole exception is his adorable satin shorts from episode three.

I'm going to sound egotistical here and say I do kind of make the pink vest up there look cute. And obviously the rest of American is into pink pinstripes. The fit of this vest was surprisingly tight across the back. The 8 didn't fit me, and Macy's 8s always fit me. But I have a very broad back and this is a typical problem for me. If you are similarly built for football, go up a size.

Ronnie's sheath is a perfect sheath with a nice surprise in the back. I can't say much else, as it's not a ground-breaking dress, but is a perfectly cut LBD, print or pink addition to your dress wardrobe.

Macy's Herald Square 151 W. 34th Street between Broadway & Seventh Ave
H&M Herald Square 34th Street and Broadway