Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fashion Star Episode 6: I Rant a Lot and Rave a Little

It was Nicole Richie's time to shine as a mentor last night and her advice was flawless. Ross doing lingerie was a great fit and I loved the outcome on TV but wasn't as thrilled with it in person at H&M Herald Square. The bra was bulky under my shirt (I'm wearing it below). Also, I couldn't try on the shorts which is great for sanitary purposes but if I loved the fit they would have swung me into the "buy" category. The white set with the green trim will be gone by tomorrow, while there was ample pink with black trim this afternoon.

Meh. And I do really like Nzimiro! But meh.

Nzimiro's dress, many of which were still on the selling floor today, was so infuriatingly difficult to get on that I wanted to tear it off the hangar and stomp it into little pieces on the dressing room floor. Seriously! There is a silky under-dress that has a side-zip and a lining but is attached to the outer "boho" sheer hanging thing, which means three layers of slippery fabric and disappearing armholes. Forget about where to put your head. Once on I found it somewhat charming, cuter than on the runway (the shoulders have been tweaked, I think, to make this more modern and less frumpy), but was too annoyed to buy. Everyone who bought it online won't have these problems as they will immediately detach the two pieces and deal with them separately. Although that means the sheer top piece will now be shifting around your shoulders. Oh, enough already, I'm exhausted just thinking about it! Nzimiro, no more overwrought womenswear, please.

Macy's buy: the swimsuit was so close for me, but this is a bathing suit that needs breasts to look good. The other end of things was perfection; it's such a relief to wear a sexy one-piece that actually covers your ass. Ronnie's cut is beautiful and I like the small design details like the sheer panels. Size selection is still a good in both colors on the floor at Herald Square.

Luciana's jacket is more than quite nice. It looks very vintage and the fabric that I thought would be heavy for spring is actually very lightweight. Upon donning the light pink style I fell madly in love (although in photos the blue (right) really stands out, right?). It's a special little jacket. All three colors are sold-out online but there are still several in store, mostly in larger sizes, but the multi-colored jacket (left) is almost gone.

Macy's Herald Square 151 W. 34th Street between Broadway & Seventh Ave
H&M Herald Square 34th Street and Broadway 


Luciana Scarabello said...

The Jackets look great on you!!! Thank you! Luciana Scarabello