Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Survey Time! Win Stuff!

Herald Square photo by Sarah Xu. 

Did you know that the company I work for manages Herald & Greeley Square Parks? That's Herald Square above during spring planting. We do a lot here at the 34th Street Partnership, and we like to get feedback so we ask our visitors, shoppers, residents, etc, to fill out a yearly survey. Give me an A+ and you win something! No, not really, but you can rate me "Very Satisfied" on page nine and make me happy. Then, upon completion of the survey, you can enter to win one of the stupendous prizes below. Yes, I rate free dinner for two "awesome" and a $100 gift certificate from B&H Photo & Video "stupendous."

This survey goes fast and will take you way less than five minutes to complete. Dinner and drinks for two at Legend's or Jack Demsey's? That could last you hours!

Good luck, and happy surveying!