Friday, April 20, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: The Very Final Esprit Edition

#1.  Esprit
Because this is their last weekend on 34th Street. I'm not sure if there will be much left, as the store felt ransacked and empty on Thursday, but there were still sweaters for $6, T-shirts and tanks for $3 (buy two and get one free), and racks of pants for 80% off. The 34th Street flagship was the final destination of product for all the area stores, so perhaps some lingering product will be sent our way for the last days. The store closes for good on Sunday.
21 West 34th Street

Adieu, Esprit (pre-opening days above). We hope to see you back on 34th Street someday.

#2.  Levi's
Because they've got a clearance section that is further reduced. Also, select straight jeans are 30% off.
45 West 34th Street

#3.  Express
Because the entire weekend the entire store is Buy One Get One 50% Off. WHOA.  
Manhattan Mall, level one, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue;  7 West 34th Street

I'll take both.