Friday, April 13, 2012

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: The DVF ♥ GapKids Edition

#1.  Gap
Because the   DVF ♥ babyGap & DVF ♥ GapKids is 30% off and it is, naturally, freaking irresistible. This sale is for a limited time but may be going into next week, I'll follow-up on Twitter then. The sunglasses! The flip flops! The everything! Oh, and select men's and women's is 30% off also, but good luck getting out of the DVF area.  60 West 34th Street at Broadway

#2.  Old Navy
Because they've got some very tempting and very colorful items in clearance on two.  150 West 34th Street 

#3.  Billabong
Because I haven't met a roller bag that I like, but this one is more than passable and it's 25% off.  112 West 34th Street