Monday, April 2, 2012

Mango Spring

I love how Mango is classy but fun for spring. I think they've nailed the more feminine (yes, "lady-like") look that's been dominating runways, while keeping it more lively and less prim. See: lace top below. Perfection.

Remember my obsession with the leopard print wedge bootie last season? [I should have bought everything in that post] We can now replace that with the pointy-toe patent wedge.

Or its white counterpart.

Mango 7 West 34th Street west of Fifth Avenue


WendyB said...

I kinda like the white!

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Anonymous said...

hi, do u know if the wedges run true to size

Tricia said...

From trying the leopard bootie on last season, I can say they are true to size!

missnd said...

they are just a lil smaller. i normally wear uk6 - 39 in heels, and i own nearly 60 heels in the same size, but these are my first number 6 1/2 - 40 heels. inside stitches are a little narrow on the pointy toe side of these shoes.