Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Catch a Fire: Bob Marley Fashion

Left, inspired by Cedella's father style, and right, inspired by her mother, Rita, and the I Threes.

After seeing Bob Marley's biopic, MARLEY (release date 4/20, natch), you'll be trying to emulate his Jamaican reggae style, much like every other rocker of the Marley era. Keith Richards first vacation estate was in Jamaica, and the influence is evident in his signature look.

Marley's oldest child, Cedella, talked via Skype about her dad's style at a Socialista event held to celebrate the release of the film. Cedella noted the musician's unaffected and natural appearance that's yeah, pretty much the ultimate of cool. She also mentioned the Jamaican crime film "The Harder They Come" as a big style influence. See the movie if you haven't, Jimmy Cliff is great, the soundtrack is classic, and the fashion is seriously bad ass! Ahem, OK, back to the other really great film, MARLEY. You are going to cry, (I did) so be sure to bring tissue. Bob Marley is one seriously accomplished and inspiring musician.

Yes, her skin is that gorgeous! 

Remember how I was raving about Cedella in the film? Well, she's impressive and charming in real life, too. CEO of Tuff Gong International, singer, author of children's books, a mom, and designer of Catch a Fire, Cedella's a great role model for young women. The photo above also nicely captures her beauty and very amiable personality.

Below and above are shots of her clothing featured at the event. Personal favorites are the bathing suits and the jackets. Find a lot it here, at ZionRootswear.com

I need the red satin lion jacket.

Also, here's a 34th Street holla: you can get Bob Marley T's and suits at Billabong Herald Square.

Billabong 112 W. 34th Street just west of Broadway