Monday, March 4, 2013

Goodbye, Tad's Steaks

We wouldn't be a 34th Street blog if we didn't pay homage to the closing of Tad's Steaks on 34th Street.

Tad's today, all closed up but someone left the lights on. The Tim Hortons and Pizza Hut here are also closed.

Now shuttered on 152 West 34th Street. Incoming is a 13,600 s/f Crocs store, scheduled to open this summer. Adieu, Tad's Steaks. I can't honestly say I'm going to miss the steaks as I never partook, but those who have are welcome to lament the loss of Tad's in the comments section.

Tad's at night. Photo source.


Anonymous said...

Already miss Tad's is was steak on a budget. For what it's worth not bad. Most important Tad's was a
34th Street staple. :-(

Tricia said...

As my boss says, Tad's has been on 34th Street since the beginning of time. It was a total 34th Street staple. Have you seen this classic Midtown Lunch review of Tad's?

Laura Fredericks said...

I am so sad! I used to go there all the time in the 70s, and then returned with one of my friends several times during the past few years. I was on 34th Street Thursday evening, and saw the lights out. I looked in the window, and it was empty -- cold and barren, like it was never there. Everything was gone! No mention WHY. I just stood there for a few moments, wanting to cry. I loved that place! Great food, terrific staff... Always crowded in there, too. Look at the second photo in the article, of Tad's at night. See that sign in the window that says "A". It's from the Department of Health -- an A rating! That's the best! No violations! AND NOW THEY'RE GONE, to be replaced by a *sob* Crocs (!) shoe store?! OH THE PAIN! And oh how I wish this story was a croc(k) o' sugar-honey-iced-tea! We've lost such wonderful foodie staples of NYC... The lunch counter at Woolworth's, Chock Full O' Nuts, Horn & Hardart's Automat, and now Tad's. So let's all raise a glass of cellophane-covered wine and toast to Tad's demise... Tad's, I'll miss you. *sob*

Unknown said...

O lord why did I wait so long to go back? Now its closed. My heart is broken

Unknown said...

Hi, I wanted to ask if you recall the newstand that used to be right in front of the chock full o nuts during the same time period you posted about?