Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Uniqlo's Designer Invitation Project: G.V.G.V.

I took these photos last week, and this week already there is a new Designer Invitation Project to try on: Iliann Loeb. But let's have a look at MUG's G.V.G.V. today, because I was totally smitten in the dressing room at first try. This DIP is not to be missed.

First, the black dress ($49.90). No picture can do justice to this cute dress and how lovely it feels on. Seriously, I wanted to go skipping down 34th Street and let the hem fly. It's rock-n-roll, it's office, it's almost a shirt dress, it's kind of sexy, it's sort of serious, and it's freaking PERFECT. Buy this, I did. 

The skirt ($39.90) on the right is almost gone: if you're a two or four you're in luck. It's a great, neutral skirt with an interesting and chic cut (and it comes in other colors). If it's looking a little funky here it's because I'm an 8 and this is a 4. But how cute is it with the ADORABLE blouse

Is this not lab-coat fabulous? If you're not into the blue, it comes in neutral and navy. But I love the blue, it makes me feel very official and minimalist buttoned-up. If you wore this into a meeting everyone will immediately fear you and be all "uh-oh, batten down the hatches."

Speaking of blue, here's an extraneous shot of the favorite dress in electric blue. Wow. This is just the beginning of what G.V.G.V. has to offer (see red blouson below), so be sure to stop by Uniqlo 34th Street and try it on soon.
About the designer: After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School in Tokyo, MUG launched her brand “G.V.G.V.” in 1999. Her original world view where femininity and masculinity coexist is expressed freely through sensitivities of the moment. 

31 West 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues