Monday, March 18, 2013

Shop and Dine: Delmonico's Kitchen

Did you know that just north of 34th Street off of Seventh Avenue there is a Delmonico's restaurant?

Yes, I love butter. And the tuna was AMAZING.

I had the pleasure of dining at Delmonico's Kitchen last month with their marketing director, as Delmonico's has brought America's first restaurant to Midtown and would like all you 34th Street shoppers to take advantage of their culinary delights.

I started with the grilled asparagus with hen egg, and not only was the asparagus perfection but I actually said "That is the best egg I've ever had." Seriously, it was perfectly cooked. This makes sense as Delmonico's invented the best egg dish ever, Eggs Benedict. I also dug into a delicious cauliflower side dish, then was the pleased recipient of the tuna, above. This catch of the day was some of the best I've ever had. I'd recently felt burned out on tuna, but Delmonico's reminded me and my palate of the delight of a perfectly cooked and succulent piece of tuna.

Delmonico's also invented Baked Alaska, and below is the Kitchen's clever ice cream cone version. It is perhaps more delicious than it looks. I'm also a big fan of dipping sides.  

Next time I'm going to splurge on another Delmonico invention, Lobster Newburg. Classic. But don't think Delmonico's Kitchen is old-school in its decor: the restaurant is lovely fine dining but sans the stuffy atmosphere. It's perfect for a lunch date, post-shopping dinner, or after-work drinks. And the staff was exceptional. I'm sure they'll happily check all your shopping bags at the door.

Fun Delmonico's fact? It was the first restaurant to allow women to congregate in groups, and the first restaurant to have a female cashier. Click here for more "firsts" and to learn more about Delmonico's fascinating and rich history.

Delmonico's Kitchen
207 West 36th Street, just west of Seventh Avenue
212.695.5220 for reservations