Monday, March 11, 2013

The Topshop 34th Street Rumor Gets New Wings

Thanks to an article in WWD last Friday, the Topshop 34th Street rumor is back in action and getting traction from other outlets. Herald Center is slated for renovation (Staples has moved out, Daffy's is closed), and sources say the building owner is "...looking for a full-priced retailer. They would try to make a play for Topshop." 

Herald Center today

Hallelujah to that. If you check our Topshop archives, you can see we've been extolling Topshop 34th Street rumors since 2008. This is by no means official or confirmed, but Topshop would be a natural retail progression following retailers like Zara, Uniqlo, and Urban Outfitters who have made or are making 34th Street Herald Square a home.

All this talk of retailers and renovations at Herald Center evokes the site's storied history. The building was the original home of Saks, built in 1902. Saks sold to Gimbels (who had a home down Sixth Avenue in what is now Manhattan Mall) and Gimbels turned it into "Saks 34th Street," while Saks moved up to its new home on Fifth Avenue. This New York Times article outlines the rather fascinating retail history of the building and the neighborhood. Can you believe that the bones of the building pictured below are still under the building pictured above?

Saks circa 1925

The facade has changed through the years, but I like to think the Ghost of Saks Past now haunts the empty aisles of Staples and Daffy's, waiting for a new retailer to restore the building to its former department store glory.


Usha said...

I would just DIE if these rumours are true!

Tricia said...

You and me both! ;)