Friday, January 22, 2016

Star Wars, 501s, and EXPRESS

There's a Star Wars collection in the store which is very cute, but NOTHING can beat these Star Wars totes. Coolest thing I saw on 34th Street today, maybe ever. Depends on your level of Star Wars fandom.

For me, it's all about the one on the left with the Storm Trooper helmet. $19.90.

Never, ever, ever pass up a "50% off sale items" sale at the 34th Street Levi's boutique. Instead walk through the door, say hi to the really nice and enormous security guy dressed in super hip Levi's, go straight to the back to the sale section, find great stuff. Earlier in the day, or maybe in a dream last night, I was craving light denim jeans. Voila. Also, I got that knit cap for under $5. Hello, Jonas. I am ready. 45 West 34th Street just east of Sixth Avenue

Selvedge, White Oak Cone Denim 501s for under $23. They hit my mid-calf but who cares, I like a cuff.

It's going to be nuts at 7 West 34th Street soon. I know nothing, seriously, but Mango is gone, Express is closing this Saturday, Amazon is in the building.... But again, I know nothing and speculation is my retail porn. WHERE ARE YOU TOPSHOP? Closing this Saturday at 7 West 34th Street. 
Shop the 7 West 34th Express by end of day Saturday and get this coupon! Or follow text instructions...


fashionablea late said...

Mango closed its 34th Street location b/c they're trying to consolidate, since their USA expansion did not go the way they'd hoped. The JCPenny/Mango collaboration is also gone (and done) from all JCP locations, as well. I hope TopShop comes down here, too!

Tricia said...

There's five empty store fronts on north 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth, kind of nuts how the retail landscape changes so quickly!