Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last Warm Weather Gasp at Gap

It's getting chilly for ruffly, flowered-shirt shots, but I was roaming through my Gap photos and discovered a bunch of maternity pics I had not yet shared. I think it's a great representation of what Gap does best.

What's more Gap than this? Great basic tops and (now) well-fitting pants. Well, at least for me because I don't suffer from vanity sizing issues as much as others because of my height. But I have found in the Post-Patrick Robinson Gap that the pants are fitting better. Men's shirt, $44.50, khaki pants, $59.50, purple sweater on sale for $29.99, and 1969 maternity jeans, $79.50.

Fun, happy prints. Yes, Gap now has these every season. And I feel pretty in them, as opposed to huge, flowery maternity. Top, left, $49.50, and tunic, right, on sale for $24.99.

Dresses for work, and always a little bargain on the sale rack. Brown dress, left, is $59.50. White sweater on sale for $8.97, light blue cropped jeans, $40.99. I always check the Gap sales rack and find something useful for under $10.

Gap Herald Square, 60 W. 34th St. at 6th Avenue


Make Do Style said...

Good looks every one. Yes you are right pants do fit better now!

WendyB said...

Each one is a winner.

Elizabeth said...

Well look what happened while I was away!

Holy Cow!

Congratulations. You look great in all this Gap stuff.

The Preppy Princess said...

The print tops are excellent Miss fashion, and they look great on you. Good for Gap!