Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top Time

Tricia Lewis, our Fashion Herald blogger, is out on maternity leave. Following is a post from her co-worker Catherine who is graciously filling in as guest blogger.

I'm usually drawn to simple/classic items, especially tops, and Banana Republic is one of my favorite places to find them. Why tops? For starters, my wee stature of 5’ 1” makes trying on pants slightly difficult. They look a little silly with an extra 6-8” of fabric bunched at my ankles and I feel bad stepping on the excess. The second reason is that I believe the last time I wore a skirt or dress was Halloween 2006 as a “dark fairy,” whatever that was. All I really wanted was to wear wings and have an excuse to put permanent pink highlights in my hair. But I digress...back to BR!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Banana Republic introduced a line called Heritage this summer. It seems that retailers are realizing "eco-fashion" can go beyond than selling reusable totes and graphic tees with recycling logos. Heritage features natural and eco-friendly fabrics, including organic cotton and soy silk. (In case you’re curious, soy silk has the texture of silk but is made from soy proteins – soft and “silky” without harming silkworms!) The fit of this top isn’t particularly flattering on me, but it has two details that I love. One: nice shoulder detailing. Two: great print resembling one of my Dad’s ties.

Heritage Printed Shell: $69.50.

Thankfully, you can always count on a good cotton button-down shirt, especially from Banana. This is the “Boyfriend Fit,” which translates to being pretty roomy, long enough for tucking, and having convenient buttons for keeping rolled-up sleeves actually rolled up. Bonus: The medium-weight fabric means you only see the shirt, not everything under it. I also tried a soft silk-cotton-cashmere blend sweater. Very comfortable with a nice deep V-neck and the right thickness for a little layering.

Casual Button-Down Shirt: $59.50 and worth every penny.
Cotton-Silk Long-Sleeve Sweater: $59.50; select colors $49.99.

I picked up a super warm (and rather puffy) down vest in the Men’s section. It looks good and seems practical, too. It features a zipper/button combo on the front, buttonable pockets, and even a little elastic around the arms to keep any drafts out.

Active Down Vest: $89.50.

My instincts paid off. I don't shop often, but Banana Republic always proves to be time (and money) well-spent!

Banana Republic, 17 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Aves


Kira Aderne said...

I am so happy for you, you have no idea, I am excited about your baby! It worth it all!

My best wishes and keep us posted about all!

Many kisses girl!

39th and Broadway said...

My hubby loves Banana for classic Americana looks. Unfortunately their cut is too large for me and no doubt the boyfriend cut would be huge. Although soy silk sounds intriguing.

How's Tricia and the baby? Hope all is well and can't wait for an update.

WendyB said...

If you need a good tailor for those pant hems, try Jean at Ghost Tailor on W. 27th!

Guest Blogger said...

39th and Broadway - The soy silk felt great! It's nice to have options :)

WendyB - Thanks for the tip. Right now I'm using George at Flormont Tailors (Union Square), but I'm always open to someone new!

KiraFashion (et al) - No baby yet, but oh-so-close!

Anonymous said...

I think my Dad had that particular tie too!!