Friday, October 30, 2009

Triple Take

Tricia Lewis, our Fashion Herald blogger, is out on maternity leave. Following is a post from her co-worker Jeffrey who is kindly filling in as guest blogger.

H&M is a great standby, especially in the winter when cold weather staples can get prohibitively expensive elsewhere. I found a few great finds for men last night.

Cowl neck is all the rage, and a long cardigan is always a must for the winter. Chic over a work outfit or with a v-neck tshirt and jeans for brunch, this will prove to be a versatile, comfortable, and elegant addition to any man’s wardrobe. 49.90

Double breasted is back (again), and this wool jacket is a good example of how the look can be streamlined into a short, wool jacket. Again, I like this jacket because it works as well during the week as it does on the weekend. The fit is exemplary, and the short length works well for height-challenged men like myself. 69.90

Last, I found this beautiful little plaid shirt. This really reminded me of a shirt I would steal from my old roommate. His was Built by Wendy and cost at least 5 times as much, and while the fabric quality is nowhere near that of its more expensive kin, this does a good job of getting the same style for a casual dinner. 29.90

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