Monday, March 7, 2011


The beautiful, smoky tableau of Bibhu.

Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2011 was easily one of my favorite shows of #NYFW. Immediately, when walking into his presentation at the Box in Lincoln Center, the World of Bibhu engulfed the viewer. And I'm not just talking about the smoke machine. Of course, smoky does not make for great photos, so thanks to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the official photos.

You see a lot of pretty gowns at fashion week. But what I love about Bibhu gowns is that they aren't just pretty, they have an almost cinematic drama in their design. Seriously, they are old-school, movie star quality with a sharp modern edge. These aren't just the usual pretty, flowing evening wear.

His proportions are arresting, and the lush fabrics and the dreamy tableau propel one into a world of glam. This show evoked my old modeling days, when we would show the rare designer whose entire collection was so perfect and aspirational that all the models were honored to be wearing the clothes. And no one was backstage bitching about what they were wearing. What, are you surprised? A roomful of girls wearing different designs, do you really think they aren't pining away for the truly fabulous dress someone else is wearing?! I wouldn't bitch about a single one up there, or down below.

The dramatic entrance: what one saw upon entering The Box. These girls are not to be ignored.