Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Black Label by Paula Gerbase, Fall '11

Pictures by me. This one says it all: perfect coat, dress, & anorak for my closet.

 No one could be more excited to see a Woolrich show than me. Woolrich chamois shirts were the height of luxury back in my youth. That was in the middle of the country a long time ago.

The rear view: Those checks. That back.

 A few weeks ago I was transported not back to my youth, but to a kind of creepy art gallery atmosphere when I walked in to the Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Black Label by Paula Gerbase show, which will be referred to in this post as just "Woolrich Black Label." The music was ominous, the atmosphere dark, and the clothes freaking gorgeous. It may not sound like it here, but I loved how the clothes were presented. I was, however, very happy when the depressing drone music ended and the guitars took over.

So bizarre that I didn't notice the blue face in the sky until I saw this photo. I loved the big see-through screen that separated the rooms but revealed the models on the other side.

Menswear meets dresses, lush fabrics, incredible jackets, and detailed tailoring: this is Woolrich Black Label. I aspire to wear these clothes daily. Just not listen to their music.

See the see-through screen? V. cool.

Love the clutch.
Love the backpack.


The Preppy Princess said...

Oh Miss Fashion! You won't be surprised to hear there are *several* things here I find appealing! You took some great photos!

Sending you big grins & giggles,

Tricia said...

I'm not surprised, TP. And the fact that you do further validates the beauty of this collection.
Thank you!!
Big heart you, Miss Princess!