Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Carlos Miele Fall '11

To finish up Fashion Week posting, I'll be posting my favorite shows this week & backdate the rest between 2/12-2/17.

There were a lot of things I was expecting from Carlos Miele again this season, and I was not unhappy to get none of them. I was expecting another Brazilian virtuoso on stage serenading his models, and I was expecting lots of flowing, haute hippy Brazilian girl dresses. By the end of the show I wasn't wondering Where was the Seu Jorge? I was thinking, Kick ass clothes.

Photos from mbfashionweek.com.

Perfect silhouette, perfect colors.
THIS. I wish you all had seen this on the runway. You'd be fighting me for it.
I have a really long torso so I can totally wear this!
I know, paper bag waists ≠ flattering, but they look great here.

This Fall '11 Miele girl has left the serene beachside resort and is hanging out in the city streets, so she needs a tougher look. These clothes were a perfect symbiosis of grace and street. Oddly, I found the official photos from the MBFW site kind of underwhelming, but this collection was gorgeous moving on the runway, so please give them an in-person look if you can as they deserve it.

My photo. I loved the show in person. Eh, it happens!