Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stacy Lomman Fall 2011Show

Here's a sample of my quickly jotted, post-show notes from Stacy Lomman's collection yesterday:

"short shorts"
"bullet belt-yes please"
"leathers, yums"
"love Stacy's cut and fabrics"

 What I thought was leather (see gorgeous olive pants above) was really "coated nylon." Which I find pretty fabulous. Following are more favorites, all of which I think perfectly represent Stacy's attention to detail and love for rich, tactile fabrics.

Yes to all of the bullet accessories and trim.

I love it when I get the seat with a view of the action backstage.I also need this dress.

I'll admit it, this is my show favorite. Tough yet feminine, just the way I like it done.
The designer!
This show kept the momentum going from Stacy's success last season, and with a totally different collection featuring separates and suiting that are so not your typical separates and suiting. Well done, Stacy, or, as I noted yesterday, "Gorgeous and love"


Anonymous said...

Gah! Gorgeous! One of each, please.

Make Do Style said...

Oh it is great to see pics from her show.

I love your new look to the blog - I've been so naughty not commenting as been so busy finishing work

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you could be there!
And happy you liked what you saw :)
Thank you so much for the write-up!

WendyB said...

You got great shots!

Anonymous said...

I want those coated nylon pants!

And great photos, too, madame !