Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bringing Bryant Park Home: The Subway Signs

Have you seen these subway signs at our sister blog?

For those who reminisce about Fashion Week in Bryant Park, these are a great gift idea. But if you're not up for committing to a big subway sign, there are smaller versions like the one below, and also T-shirts, chairs, and even a coloring book available for sale at the Bryant Park shop

I love the above shot. Oh, how well I know those signs! Almost as good as the 34th Street subway signs under Broadway. Now one of those is totally on my Christmas wish list. What? It's almost May, people! One can never prepare one's husband too early for proper gifting.

Bryant Park Shop


WendyB said...

Totally agree on the gifting preparation schedule. (BTW, there's still time to be gifted with WendyB jewels for Mother's Day!)

Herald Towers said...

Love these signs! Did you see the vintage chair on their page too? If you're a New York expat, these are some cute pieces to remind you of home. Now if I could track down something similar for Herald Square...