Monday, April 18, 2011

Matthew Williamson for Impulse at Macy's Herald Square

I have bittersweet and fond memories of the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection.The first release I was not yet out of the pregnancy closet, but was big enough that I wasn't quite fitting the gorgeous leather jacket, which a woman in the dressing room next to me was kind enough to point out. I glared at her and barked "I'm pregnant!" She was, of course, hovering around, waiting to snatch up my size 6 jacket, which I eventually and reluctantly handed over.

My favorite dress from the Macy's collection, in stores now.
The second Matthew Williamson release I was five months pregnant and loved the clothes because the colorful flowy tunics were ideal maternity. At least until I hit month seven and was so big that the flowy stopped flowing. Today I was expecting more memorable Matthew Williamson moments in Herald Square, just at a different retail location: Macy's. But I was left underwhelmed.

Perhaps it was the hormones. Do I only love Matthew Williamson when pregnant? The prints weren't doing it for me (except the first dress), the jeans were in the 80's but in all the bad ways, and the tops, to be frank, did nothing for my figure. Ironic, I know, considering his H&M collection made me feel fabulous while pregnant. The dresses are the strongest and sexiest bits of his Macy's collection, but even there I felt like we weren't getting all that Matthew Williamson can be. Long dresses are totally my thing, but neither of the above compelled me to buy. Pluses were the jackets, a great fit, and the prices: $54 for blouses, a little over $100 for the maxi, and $79 for the jeans. I also spotted no quality issues, except for a wonky zipper on the one-shouldered blue dress. We had a minor skirmish but I won.

Macy's Herald Square 151 W. 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue


Katie said...

Agree that the last two collections were more exciting, but I like the maxi dress on you! You can pull off that length and pattern being all tall and former-model-y.

WendyB said...

I can't believe the woman commenting on the jacket!

Anonymous said...

I second Katie. That maxi looks ahhhhmazing on you.

Kati said...

Hmmm I have to agree that the first two collections were much better! Something about these colors doesn't seem right for the season. And agree with Katie, you should be in maxis all day, every day.

Tricia said...

Thanks for the compliments, ladies. Kati, you're so right about the season. And Wendy, I KNOW, I couldn't believe it either. Stalking and insulting is not a great combination.