Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Payless for Springtime

Katie always reminds me that I need to hit up one of our two 34th Street Paylesses for spring shoes. Around this time every year, she'll come by and show me the new Payless flats that get her through months of summer work in Bryant Park. But yesterday we had an exciting development: she bought these Fioni booties, now on sale for $24.99.

After she purchased them, Katie spotted the Fionis on one of her favorite fashion bloggers, Kendi (below, and here). These are really adorable booties, but you won't find them online and you won't find very many sizes at Payless on 34th Street, as they are almost completely gone. In the Broadway & 34th store I spotted 6 1/2's and 7's.

Photo from Kendi Everyday

You can find the fabulous Dexter Marina Boat Moc Boot (below) online but not in store, unless Payless ships some more. The manager told me this morning that they only received one per size as a test. Hopefully soon more will be flying in, because this is one crazy boat moc boot that I've got to see in person.


Payless 110 W. 34th Street at Broadway
Payless 484 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street


Jill said...

I just can't seem to embrace the bootie. No bootie embracing for me!

Tricia said...

Bootie is not for everyone, Jill :)

Katie said...

Haha you're so right! My Payless visits are like clockwork and I didn't even realize! Well, you won't see me braving the Bryant Park bluestones in my Payless booties, but I am still wearing this pair of flats that went up on FH around this time last year: