Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Win $50 for Spring Dresses at JCPenney

I found so many gorgeous spring dresses in JCPenney Manhattan Mall this afternoon, there's no way I can show them all. Favorites included MNG by Mango, AllenB, American Living, and BisouBisou. Tell me what style you'd wear for spring, or which mommy and me look you'd love to work on Easter Sunday, and you're entered to win a $50 gift certificate from JCPenney.

I love this MNG by Mango dress, and I'm not the only one as it's sold out online. The little peach Cinderella dress is a sweet accompaniment.

Another MNG by Mango + Cinderella dress combo.

Big girl dress by American Living, lilac Youngland for mini you.
Is there a rule that mom's dress has to be longer than her daughter's? Time to burn the rule book. This AllenB dress with tulle lining is amazing!

Gorgeous rose sheath by Jones Wear.

Right now there's a 50% off dresses sale, so if we hurry, you might be able to get two...enter until the end of Easter Sunday!

How to Enter:
  • Leave a comment on the post with your pick to enter contest
  • Like Fashion Herald on Facebook for a second entry and tell me in comments.
  • Do this before the end of day on Sunday, April 24th; winner chosen by drawing and announced on Monday the 25th. Bon chance!

JCPenney Manhattan Mall lower levels 1 & 2, 33rd and Broadway


Xmastime said...

so that's who was taking pictures while I was in the stall. i thought it was papparazzi.

Tricia said...

And you love the rose, dress, right?! Entered!

Xmastime said...


you should've photoshopped some shoes in the stall!!!!

wait, am i in a contest now?...for a dress?

Kati said...

omg allenb dress is so cute on you!

Craig said...

Dying for the American Living dress. So fabulous.

Unknown said...

I love the MNG and Allen B dresses! I haven't been to JC Penny in years... looks like things have improved! Pretty stuff!

Unknown said...

I am also really liking the MNG and Allen B dresses.

Tracey said...

I don't havea kid but my god-mommy and me outfit would be

Bonnie Jean™ Toddler Girl Birthday Dot Dress (minus the birthday proclamation)
or the
Rare Editions Toddler Girl Purple Dot Dress (if it's not detachable)

and the
Jones Wear® Daisy Jacquard Dress w/Pleat Skirt

Thanks for drawing attention to the cuteness of JC Penney dresses this season.

Usha said...

Love the second dress - which I think is sold out online too!
Now I just need to cross the street from the apartment to check out in-store!
Thanks for the update Tricia!