Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joe Fresh: Inside the 34th Street Store

Sorry to get all Joe Fresh for two days in a row, but I just came back from the store and I'm all flush with Joe Fresh excitement. Here's most of what I tried on, and some of what I purchased.

This coat is $89, if I remember correctly. I need to go back for it. Lined, hooded, adorable.

 Super, suede-like dress. Work appropriate, and good for cocktails, too.

Oh Heck Yeah. $79. These are mine.

Striped pencil skirt with pockets, bought it! The merino V is $19 through November 28th and comes in several other colors. I'm showing you my rear because the zipper is quality. Joe Fresh = superior quality at this price point.

You can't see so well in this iPhone photo, but this fringe mini is a skirt party. I can't believe I bought it because it's obscenely short, but I think I bought it because it's obscenely short.

Look for 34th Street's Joe Fresh at 215 W. 34th Street, just west of Seventh Avenue. I heard a rumor in-store that they will be open till June (!!) but official word is through the end of December. Don't forget, those $19 deals (on select merinos, shirts, jeans, and cords) last only through the 28th of November.

Joe Fresh 215 W. 34th Street


Feel What's Real said...

extremely cool & chic coat @ the first pic!!

Kisses,Marilena from Greece :)

Meg said...

The outerwear is exceptionally priced for the quality. I may go back for that anorak I saw...

Tricia said...

I'm convinced, I need to go back for a coat, too!

Cain said...

I'm actually one of the managers for Joe Fresh on 34th and it excites me to hear this great response to our product and to our brand. We are actually now a permenent store, so you should all stop by and check out some of our killer sales and our new spring line as well. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! I hope to see you girls soon.