Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The New Dr. Jay's on 34th Street

Dr. Jay's flagship has undergone a big transformation on 34th Street this year. The store moved down the block right next to Banana Republic in a smaller space than Dr. Jay's previous home. But this is a much more attractive and shop-able store.

Click here for photo source and info on Dr. Jay's rebranding.

Now for the shopping: below is a small selection of the many brands to look for in the lower level. I dig the Wrangler and the outerwear. Dr. Jay's has some serious winter gear. What do I look for at Dr. Jay's? Clothes for my man and women's shoes. And if you're in need of a cap for a niece, nephew or sports fan this holiday season, Dr. Jay's has a wall full of hats.

Still think Wranglers are sexy.

See? Wall of hats.

There's a big selection of Levi's and North Face.

Schott! I had no idea Dr. Jay's carried Schott jackets! Now I just need Dr. Jay's to carry the motorcycle jackets.

I was embarrassed that I hadn't heard of Wellensteyn jackets. I think you can submerge yourself in North Sea waters in one of these and survive warm and toasty. OK, not really, please don't do that. But read more about this German outdoor company here. And buy one of these at Dr. Jay's.

Pleasantly surprised? Dr. Jay's will do that for you.

Dr. Jay's 17 West 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues


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