Wednesday, November 30, 2011

H&M: Marni & the Spring '12 Preview

Heard the news about Marni for H&M? Of course you have! According to Harper's Bazaar, this collaboration is launching March 8th 2012, which isn't a Saturday. But as I told Fashion Pulse last night on Twitter, I'm happy with a weekday launch as that way I can stay home in Queens and sleep in on a Saturday. Haha! Like moms to toddlers ever sleep in. Anyways, I LOVE this collab, what a perfect choice after Versace. I'll definitely be buying some Marni prints. Also this black necklace if it's up for grabs:

Photo from I really want Consuelo Castiglione's cozy-chic look.

Here are a few other H&M things to look forward to in spring. These are from the Spring Press Preview. I'm only supposed to post one photo, but I was feeling very predictable posting the fabulous quilted black biker jacket and felt I had to represent some color. Note the orange-red and cool blue colors. Add some yellow and you're set for spring '12. These hues look very retro and feminine, and the clothing styles follow suit. Also, note the wedges. H&M shoes get better every season.

H&M Herald Square 47 West 34th Street just east of Sixth Avenue
H&M Penn Station 435 Seventh Avenue at 34th Street