Friday, November 18, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks*: Pre-Black Friday

Starting Monday we should be posting the big Black Friday listing for hours and sale specials on 34th Street. The list will be updated till the day before Thanksgiving.

#1.  Gap 
Because they have $25 sweaters, $10 fluorescent shirts, and half off vests (examples all below, cords are also Gap, they come in several colors). Gap is also doing major Black Friday teasing leading up to the day itself, particularly if you are a GapCard holder. Ask at the Herald Square store about daily deals.

#2.  Macy's Herald Square
Because their winter shoes and boots are up to 50% off. Looks for outdoor boots on sale, and great deals in the racks, especially the Dolce Vitas, Betsey Johnson, and Lucky Brand shoes. No photos because my iPhone died, but trust me, there's plenty of eye candy on the 5th floor!  151 W. 34th Street

#3.  Joe Fresh 
Because I have to encourage you to shop this store one more time this week, the deals are so good, and not only the opening specials for $19. Listen to Shop the Garment District who commented on a post yesterday: "The outerwear is exceptionally priced for the quality."  215 W. 34th Street 

*all sale items are subject to change, please see stores for details.


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