Monday, November 26, 2012

Kid Stuff: Perfect Winter Pajamas

Here's my shopping complaint for early winter: WHAT is up with toddler pajamas? I do not want to spend $30 for freaking kids pajamas. They wear them to bed, for chrissake. Usually I hit up H&M for perfect pajamas, but all they have lately is thin cotton and we live in an old house. We need fleece, people, it's almost December.

Then I walked into Uniqlo on 34th Street and saw these:

Fleece plaid pajama set I will totally pay $19.90 for. Also, Uniqlo has this:

From  the Undercover collaboration, and on sale for half off. Why I have not been shopping the Uniqlo kids department all fall I do not know.

31 West 34th Street


Unknown said...

I like your views there, so nice reading your article. Those are beautiful pajamas.